Friday, April 18, 2008

New Barbarian Group Site

I just caught wind that Barbarian Group launched their new site. Bottomline, I love it. They've done an incredible job with the openess and transparency of copy and content. Check out their detailed description of their new business process, the description of their project teams and their very detailed interactive glossary. I also think they've brought interesting solutions to corporate blog publishing, as well as their tagging of content to give various access into content. The Information Architecture is super solid as well. I'm going to have to marinate on it a bit, but this could be my favorite interactive agency site.

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Craig A. Elimeliah said...

Barbarians and their alter egos the Bavarians have managed to re-invent themselves. The new Grey site is ok but so cliche, if i see another version of that annoying nav im going to puke. We all know that we can add animation and 3d to websites now but what Barbarian did was epic, they took a step back and in turn it was taking a step forward. I applaud them on their gutsy new site, its great! Leave flash for the client sites. Creating beauty in HTML and CSS is beauty in itself. Plus check it out on an iPhone… really cool! Publicis and Hal Riney took a great step forward with thier physical Wii-like site but Barbarians are the real deal! Great work guys! your still my heroes!